AMAZING GREEK YOGURT w/ honey, house made granola, and fruit






SPINACH PIE (best ever!) – sheep’s milk feta, spinach, leek, buttery phyllo




FETA TOAST – sheep’s milk feta, tomato, olive tapenade, greek herbs, olive oil on thick sourdough



TOAST & JAM – fig jam spread on thick sourdough



LOX ON TOAST – wild smoked salmon, yogurt, capers, dill, cucumber on thick sourdough



RICOTTA TOAST – savory with olive oil, salt & pepper on ciabatta, or sweet with honey & cinnamon on sourdough




GREEK SALAD – gorgeous greens, tomato, cucumber, capers, olive tapenade, sheep’s milk feta

$6 / $9 side/full



EGG & FETA – local eggs, sheep’s milk feta, greek herbs, arugula, tomato, on medium brioche. add prosciutto or bacon $1.50



LIL FIGGY – almond butter, banana, honey, cinnamon on 7 grain



VILLAGE – roasted sweet potato, arugula, VT goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, honey, olive oil on 7 grain

$5 / $8 half/whole


MARKET – prosciutto, VT goat cheese, fig jam, arugula, tomato, herbs, olive oil on rustic francese

$5 / $9 half/whole


B.L.T. – caramelized and peppered bacon, romaine, tomato, spicy dijon, greek yogurt spread on sourdough



TURKEY APPLE BRIE – thinly sliced roasted turkey, brie, green apples, arugula, dijon on toasted ciabatta



gluten free bread available for any sandwich

add $1



GREEK MEATBALL SANDWICH - housemade organic turkey, feta & spinach meatballs, tzatziki, roasted fennel, banana peppers, cukes, on ciabatta



THE HALOUMI SANDWICH – Haloumi cheese, tomato, marinated strawberries, upland cress, cilantro spread on ciabatta



BAKED HAM & CHEESE – black forest ham, sharp Vermont cheddar, upland cress, house pickled pears, dijon butter, baked on ciabatta



BREAKFAST PIE (weekends only) – local pork sausage from MF Dulock, egg, potato, VT cheddar, sun dried tomatoes, flakey crust



GREEK MUESLI - yogurt, oats, chia, apple, dates, orange, coconut & pistachio



ROASTED CAULIFLOWER - almonds, dried cherries, parsley, croutons, spiced vinaigrette